Automatic barrier chain

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  • Mono poly barriera automatica per piccoli vani passaggio


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    Automatic chain barrier for particularly small passageways

    The MONO-POLY automatic barrier features a chain descent system suitable for small passageways. The system is motorized on one side and equipped with a counterweight on the opposite side to allow the use of the driveway with minimum space. The MONO-POLY system is compatible with all accessories in the POLY range : flashers, LEDs, chain, safety ring, top module, and floor rails. Universal protection modules UNI-SAVE are also suitable for protection of this kit. Discover other versions of the automatic chain barrier: POLY, two-column system; POLY-SOLAR, two-column solar version.  
  • Esempio barriera poly


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    Automatic Chain Barrier

    The POLY Automatic Chain Barrier is a viable alternative to classic bars and bollards: it allows the automation of a gate from 2 to 16 mt without sacrificing elegance and a system design with the urban décor and context.
    Thanks to the versatility of the product and the various possible combinations, POLY can be used as a parking saver for two or more parking spaces side by side, as a bollard of passage to unauthorized people and vehicles in small town centers, cottages, apartment buildings or offices. By simply pressing the button on the remote control, the chain comes down allowing pedestrians or cars to pass.
    The POLY system is also suitable for the industrial environment as it offers a cost-effective alternative for gates of more than 7 meters of passageway.
    The height of the columns and positioning of the chain make the system highly visible even from larger vehicles (SUVs). In addition, LED signaling accessories allow visibility of the chain even at night. Once lowered, the chain is collected by a guide (recessed or from surface) to prevent wear and tear as cars pass by.
    Thanks to the accessory columns, the POLY chain lifter becomes a suitable solution for a wide number of installations: POLY-MOCK, fixed column without motor - useful for delimiting areas and can be combined with a Poly system; SERVICE PLUS, column made for application of command and control accessories (intercoms, card readers...).
    In addition, thanks to the protection module UNI-SAVE, it is possible to protect the columns from possible impacts: the combination of two or more modules to surround the columns, allows to safeguard different types of barriers, such as the Poly barrier and the Eliox solar barrier.
    Discover other versions of the POLY barrier: POLY-SOLAR, solar version; MONO-POLY. single version. Discover the other special barriers: ELIOX, solar barrier without power supply; MOVEO. manual barrier.