EGO-KODE: “Universal” multi-frequency radio keypad

EGO-KODE is a multi-frequency universal radio keypad, compatible with any receiver you already have in your automation system. Without any wiring, it allows you to open your gateway with a simple PIN code. EGO-KODE is user-friendly, safe and accessible: you will be able to get in easily and freely without a key.

EGO-KODE can be battery-powered or by using the two cables that were previously needed for your old key-switch.

Technical features:
– multi-frequency: from 433,92 Mhz to 868,35 Mhz
– channels: 4
– entry mode: PIN code (1-8 digits)
– power supply: 12-24 VAC, 12-24 VDC; max 100mA / CR2 lithium battery included (3V)
– tamper: yes
– degree of protection: IP65