Polarized light photocell
The polarized light photocell REFLEX is quick and easy to install: the wiring, in fact, takes place only on one side, while on the opposite side it is sufficient to place the reflector at the same height as the photocell. Alignment between the two elements is facilitated by positioning LEDs.

The range of the REFLEX photocell varies from 8 to 15 mt, depending on the retro-reflector:
– rectangular – 8 mt
– round – 12 mt
– square – up to 15 mt

In addition, the wide range of accessories ensures its excellent reliability and preserves the photocell from condensation, rain, shocks and reflections.

– Power supply: 10..36 Vdc / 24 Vac 25%
– Operations and power consumption: < 100 ms on / max 30mA/24V
– Light type and cone opening: 68 0nm / approx. 1.50 total angle
– Delay: < 10 ms
– Range (depending on reflector): 8mt – rectangular, 12mt – round, 15mt – square
– Cable connections: max 1.5mm2
– Protection Degree: IP65 (EN60529);
– Operating temperature: -25° / 60°.
– Dimensions (LxWxH) and weight: 86 x 44 x 39 mm / 60 gr.

WARNING: It is important to recognize the real REFLEX photocell from the copies. To make sure you are using the original, check out our pdf guide “How to recognize the REAL REFLEX“.