Wired safety edge

The Sensitive Edge ACTIVE is a safety device for sliding gates and protection for moving objects: it ensures the protection of people and property from impacts caused by moving mechanical organs such as sliding gates and automatically closing doors.

The sensitive edge, due to its technical characteristics, is active in all positions (including the upper and lower ends) and the obstacle is detected along its entire length: the deformation of the rubber causes the sensitive edge to intervene along its entire height.

Safety edges are made to avoid the risk of crushing of sliding doors, electric gates, moving bulkheads, and other systems.

ACTIVE edge is easy to install and is available in sizes of 1.50 – 1.70 – 2.00 – 2.50 mt.

– Response time: 0.1 sec;
– Contact output J1: NC or 8.2KΩ;
– Contact rating: 5A-250Vac;
– Operating temperature: -10°C, 60°C;
– Degree of protection: IP54;
– Maximum sensing speed: 12m/min;
– Strain recovery time: < 2 sec.

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