Universal 4-channel multi-frequency transmitter (from 433.92 MHz to 868,35MHz)

Duplicating remotes has never been so easy!

A shell of new design, linear, light and intuitive contains a jewel of technology.

The EGO transmitter is suitable to unify or replace all outproduction radio commands plus the ability to replace almost all the models currently trading.

EGO is able to emulate a large part of the transmitters. The frequency spectrum reproduced in self-learning range from 433 MHz to 868 MHz (excluding quarzate frequencies ranging from 28.785 MHz to 40.600 MHz).

In addition to the frequency, EGO is able to recognize the encoding type present in the original (if fixed code or rolling code) and replicate it precisely and constantly.
You can store up to 4 transmitters with different frequencies and codes (one for each button).

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