Universal radio antennas

The capacity of radio devices can be influenced by environmental conditions (radio interference) and doesn’t exclusively depend on the quality of the transmitter and receiver, it is actually determined by the quality of the antenna and its installation.

Make the most from of the performance of your radio device with the range of universal antennas!
Find the most suitable one by comparing their qualities and functions.

– SMALL: 868 Mhz → appearance and stability
– DUAL: 433/868 Mhz → mechanical resistance, dual-frequency
– PLANE: 868 Mhz → stability and broadband (it tends to keep the frequency even in the presence of metal masses)
– PIPE: 868 Mhz → long range, high gain
– BASIC 433: 433 Mhz, with 3mts coaxial cable
– BASIC 868: 868 Mhz, with 3mts coaxial cable
All the antennas comply the RoHS/2 directive.

Find out all of our universal range products: COPY-ONE, universal receiver (4 channels); COPY-MINI, universal receiver (2 channels); EGO, universal transmitter (4 channels)