Micro LED signalling light for pedestrians

MICRO-TRAFFIC is a LED traffic light ideal for signalling the state of an alarm system or the state of a door in an access control system, without ruining the elegance of the automation.

Thanks to its compact size and the tipical design of the MICRO line, it can be easily applied either on the wall or in the door jambs without affecting (ruin, dirty, etc.) the elegance of the access points. The signal will be discreet, but still perfectly visible when working, thanks to LED technology (the same as VOLT and ALF products).

The steel/glass colours of the materials used match both the traditional doors and door frames in aluminium (or other material). The back gasket, included in all of the products of the MICRO line, will guarantee a better grip on every type of wall and a better isolation.

Size: 70 x 27 x 16 mm

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datasheet (pdf)