TRAFFIC 2 (Green/Red)


Multi-voltage (12/24 Vdc) LED traffc light with two lenses: green and red


Innovative and elegant, TRAFFIC 2 (two lenses) suits any kind of system, thanks to the multi-voltage power supply (12/24 Vdc).

All the products of the TRAFFIC range have metal structure and brackets to easily fix the product on the wall. Thanks to the the high-brightness 9 LEDs that compose each lens, our traffic lights guarantee high luminous efficacy and long life to this product, compared to classic bulbs: minimum size, maximum visibility.

TRAFFIC range is the ideal solution for several installations:
– Civil and industrial closures
– Gates and barriers automation; access ramps
– Status display for alarm systems and doors

Discover the other products of the TRAFFIC rangeTRAFFIC 1, led traffic light – one lens; TRAFFIC 3, led traffic light – three lenses; MICRO-TRAFFIC, micro led traffic light.

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