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  • SH230 centrale di comando per serrande avvolgibili motorizzate


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    Control unit and accessories for motorized rolling shutters
    SH230 is the automated roller shutter with control unit, capacitive button board, built-in aluminum blind or with pushbutton and release lever, yellow or white lens flasher and photocell with transmitter and repeater.
    Technical features: - Power supply: 230Vac 50hz +/- 10% - motor power: 1350W - Operating time: programmable max 2 minutes - 30 seconds - Automatic closing time: programmable max 3 minutes - Safety edges input: 8k2 ohm or NC contact - Code combination: 72 million - Radio codes programming: self-learning - Frequency: 433.92Mhz - Sensitivity: greater than -100dbm - Antenna: incorporated - Operating temperature: -10°C, + 70°C
      Datasheet     Instruction Manual (pdf)
  • SH230POWER


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    Central unit with remote control-controlled electric brake for motorized rolling shutters
    SH230POWER is an electronic control equipment with integrated receiver compatible with all 433 Mhz fixed codes and some 433 Mhz* rolling codes. Its special feature is the ability to be able to drive and unlock the electric brake of shutter motors even in case of 230V power failure thanks to a backup battery. The function is activated by pressing 2 keys simultaneously for more than 3 seconds. Technical Characteristics - Power supply: 230 Vac 50 +/-10% - Motor power: 750 W - Operating time: programmable max 2 minutes 30 seconds - Automatic closing time: programmable max 3 minutes - Electrobrake release via radio fixed 60 seconds - Safety edge input 8K2 or flush NC - Code combinations: 72 million codes - Radio code programming: self-learning - Frequency: 433.92Mhz - Sensitivity: greater than -100dbm - Reception range: standard 50m (10m man present) - Antenna: built-in - Battery: 12V 1.2Ah (included) - Dimensions: 145x195hx50mm - Operating temperature: 0°C, +70°C Data Sheet
  • SH230LUX centrale di comando con luce di cortesia integrata, box semitrasparente


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    Control unit for motorized rolling shutters with integrated courtesy light
    SH230LUX is the new and special version of the classic control unit for motorized shutters (SH230), and is equipped with an integrated courtesy light while maintaining the main features of the base version. Its semi-transparent box allow to use SH230LUX as a wall-lamp (applique). The integrated radio receiver is compatible with all 433 Mhz fixed codes and some 433 Mhz rolling codes. Thanks to a special setting of the DIP-SWITCH, it is possible to switch on the light without opening the shutter. Technical features: - Power supply: 230Vac +/-10% - Motor power: 1350W (1HP) - Working time: adjustable, 30 sec. - 2 min. - Pause time: adjustable to 3 minutes max. - Courtesy light time: adjustable to 3 minutes max. - Safety edge input: 8k2 ohm or NC contact - Courtesy light output: 12V - Flashing lamp output: 12V - Storable transmitters: 25 - Transmitters programming mode: self-learning - Frequency: 433,92 Mhz - Sensitivity: > 100dbm - Antenna: integrated - Operating temperature: -10C°, +70°C - Application: standard 50 mt - dead man 10 mt Datasheet   Instruction manual  
  • 051D centrale universale per cancelli battenti


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    Universal control unit, compatible with oleodynamic and oleodynamic actuators 230V
      051D is a universal control unit that allows the regulation of the motor force and of the electronic anti-crushing: these parameters can be set for each motor, even in a different way, during the slowdown. Equipped with a universal 433 Mhz radio receiver, it reads and stores all fixed codes and some rolling codes 433 Mhz. To facilitate programming and maintenance, the control unit follows the priority diagnostics: the display communicates any error status in priority scale showing the identification code, and guides the user step by step in the resolution until the "ready to go" signaling in which the control unit is correctly set and ready to operate. The inputs can be with reference to positive or negative (common). Technical features: - Power supply: 230Vac - Motors: 600W/motor - Accessories power supply: 24Vdc max 250 mA - Flashing light: max 60w, 230 Vac - Integrated radio receiver frequency: 433.92 Mhz - Operating modes: 4 - Dimensions: 166 x 120 x 36 mm  
  • 12.24D, centrale universale per automazioni a due motori in bassa tensione


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    Control unit for automations with 2 engines 12-24V
    12.24D is a universal control unit for automations with 2 engines (low tension 12V-24V Vdc). The integrated radio 433 Mhz receiver allows to store all the fixed codes and the 12 and 24 bit HCS codes. It is possible to set all the parameters to be compatible with all the engines, even coming from different brands and types. The electronical components come with an integrated power supply unit and can manage 12 and 24 Vdc power supply. Inputs have the connection for two different and ajustable Start. Thanks to the display, the programming of inputs, outputs and operating modes - available in several languages. The control units has 2 outputs to manage the flashing lamps, courtesy and traffic lights and 5 possible operating modes: step-by-step, automatic, automatic with possible earlier closing, condominium and condominium with possible earlier closing. The 12.24D control unit also has special functions for specific installations: ramp, automatic door, synchro and parking. Through the "obstacles" menu it's possible to manage currents and intervention time. Technical Features - Input board: 12-24 Vac - Output engine: 12-24 Vdc - Max power: 150 W each - Battery input: 12-24 Vcc - Integrated battery-charger buffer - 2 adjustable start inputs - Protection against common and input electrical ground - Integrated radio module (433 Mhz) and input for external antenna - 5 operating modes - Dimensions board: 186x85x35 mm  
  • k82


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    Central control unit for sliding gates
    The K82 control unit enables the retrofitting of existing sliding gate automations also using the 8K2 Safety Edges for both opening and closing inputs (up to 3+3). The high functions that improve the operation of old control units are soft start, slowdown electronic and brake. 2 optional outputs enrich the possibilities. MAIN FUNCTIONS - Fault signals via LEDs - Adjustment of motor force in normal running - Adjustment of pause time (automatic closing) - Photocell test - Motor testing - Self-learning of radio codes with start function - Self-learning of radio codes with stop function - Self-learning of radio codes with function of pedestrian - Radio code self-learning with function of quick closing - Intelligent multifunctional inputs - Connection of No.3 8K2 safety edges in opening - Connection of no.3 8K2 safety edges in closing - Pedestrian opening - Soft-start - End-of-stroke slowdown - Electronic motor brake - No.2 optional auxiliary outputs Technical Characteristics - Power supply: 230Vac - Max managed motor power: 1000W - Accessory power supply: 24Vdc 200mA - Flasher output: 24Vac, 5 Watts - 230Vac independent fixed output (flasher) - Frequency: 433.92Mhz - Storable radio codes: 100 - Dimensions: 137x78x33mm - Operating temperature: -10°C, +70° Data Sheet Instructions Manual